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Food4Friends apps are everything you need and more for all those moments spent with friends and family.

Whether you're planning a barbecue, in the mood for tapas, or fancy a sweet treat, look no further: Food4Friends apps will give you all the inspiration you need!

Browse through recipes one by one or use the Main Menu to quickly select your favorite foods. Not a lover of spicy food? Short on time? Or looking for a truly mouthwatering vegetarian dish? No problem- just use one of our recipe filters to narrow the search.

Ready to get started? Then set the cooking mode with an integrated stopwatch which displays the whole recipe and the list of ingredients. Unsure of the preparation methods? Just click the video button and see for yourself by watching one of our easy to follow preparation videos- added to specially selected recipes!

Even better, why not send a personalized invite to all your friends and family? They'll love the personal touch, and invites are included in all our apps!

Carpaccio Recipes+

Out now!

Outdoor Cookbook+

Out now!

Sweet Cookbook+

Out now!

We all enjoy a good carpaccio. But why not give these classic wafer thin appetizers a unique twist with fish, fruit or vegetables? Brimming with more variations on carpaccio than you could possibly imagine, this app will never leave you short of inspiration!

The weather is good and all all your friends are there, having fun, laughing and eating! With 127 easy to prepare recipes, this app is specifically designed for all those outdoor moments spent with friends and family.

All you need and more to give in to your sweet tooth. This app provides 80 sugary sweet and delicious recipes for every moment of the day.


Out now!

Discover your Spanish temperament with Tapas! Packed with 80 mouthwatering recipes to enjoy with your friends, you can take your time with app- there's more than enough to keep you busy!

Smoothie Recipes+

Out now!

Fresh juice drinks and smoothies are extremely tempting. They've got the looks, are healthy an also easy to make! There's no end to variations and combinations. So choose from our forty recipes or make you own favorite drink!

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